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Weddings And All That Jazz!
There are a large number of wedding clients who call the Live Music Management office looking to hire a jazz band for their big day. They are usually looking to hire a swing band who play the kind of songs popularised by the great jazz vocalists of the twentieth century ,legendary names like Frank S...

Cabaret For Weddings
If you speak to an older entertainment agent or booker of music and mention cabaret for weddings they will probably think you are talking about a show band or covers band, cabaret being the catch all phrase for any type of live entertainment used by the old school bookers right through the 60′...

How Far In Advance Should I Book Wedding Entertainment?
As we approach Autumn 2014 a great many of our wedding band enquiries are for weddings in the Summer of 2015 but there are a significant proportion of Brides and Grooms enquiring about booking live acts for their 2016 weddings. Many of these potential clients ask the Live Music Management team of th...

Bjorn in Sweden

Absolutely fantastic band, they look and sound like ABBA....They could be ABBA. Played for us on the 23rd August, Marquee in the garden, great sound, lovely people, could not faul -Jim

Union Jack

I\'ve heard really good things about Mick that we had last week. He\'s really impressed a lot of people, so I\'m sure we\'ll have him back in the future. -N Power Sept 2014


The band were amazing and made our wedding amazing. -Emily and Dan Sept 2014

Platform Six

Just wanted to say thank you for such a fun evening, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. You were wonderfully kind with the girls and they were very proud to have achieved their goa -Rachael Sept 2014