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Christmas Weddings And Parties
Much of the activity in the Live Music Management office is currently focused on the busy December period where many of our regular clients like the Walkabout Bars , Jongleurs Comedy Clubs and Bar Risa will be destination venues for people out on Christmas parties. There is a whole load of work goi...

How To Make Money As A Jazz Musician
    I caught an interesting piece on Radio 4 last week as I drove back from a meeting. A researcher from Derby University has recently completed a paper on the monetisation of creative labour , specifically how to make money as a jazz musician. He outlined on the show the various ways that...

Halloween Weddings (And Other Fright Nights!)
October 31 falls on a Friday in 2014 and Live Music Management have the pleasure of supplying at least one wedding with a Halloween theme . A self confessed Goth couple called the office almost twelve months ago and we identified a wedding band prepared to dress up in Halloween costume and play a s...

The Thrillers

Very good! -

Flip Side

100 per cent professional and 100 per cent brilliant! Thanks again you managed to bring our Xmas party to life and it\'s still only November! -John Taylor-Smith November 2014

Black Eyed Peas Tribute

sound so much like the black eyed peas, i love it!! -

Peter the Piano Player

...I forgot to mention Pete the Piano player who was also amazing. -Manchester Event Planner Nov 2014