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Bastian Grooves

Bastian Grooves
Bastian Grooves
Bastian Grooves
Bastian Grooves

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Act Profile

Bastian Grooves

Bastian Grroves creates ambient vibey music using guitar, vocals, drum pads and synth. Improvising and building loops on the fly, he can adapt to the mood of any space.

The set can liquidise tension at your business drinks, converge families at a wedding reception, or propel an atmosphere at a cocktail bar, gallery, or hotel. No matter what your event, Sebastian will provide a musical experience that is authentic and 'in the moment'. He takes influence from all genres of music and subtly fuses them to create a sound that a varied audience can relate to. In addition to that his impeccable timing and feel means that the music is always moving, oozing energy.

The set sits somewhere between atmospheric music and a live performance, so it doesn't intrude too heavily on an event. Though if people like and often do, they can take a moment to sit and watch the music, which, with four instruments being recorded live, can be quite entertaining.

In the summer of 2014 he travelled through Europe busking his way from city to city, honing his craft and playing to survive. After that, alongside busking regularly, he took up a residency in a cafe/art gallery/performance space called the Bowery in Camden, and has performed at various functions and events in London including Stolenspace Gallery on Brick Lane.

"Your music silences the city, the cars, the buses, the people. The booze and the drugs, that doesn't work, but your music does. Thank-you." - Homeless Spectator

Act Information


1 Musician, with a guitar, drum pad, microphone and loop pedal.

Extra Line-up(s)

Can bring a synth for an extra fee.

Also included

Titan 8A speaker an EZ-m Wharfedale Mixer


South East based and will travel to these areas: South East.

Previous Clients

The Bowery
Stolen Space Art Gallery
The Omnitorium
Various Street Corners


Over the autumn and winter months of 2014, Bastian played regular Sunday sets at our cafe Tower 47, which is now trading as The Bowery in Camden. He arrived with all the necessary equipment to perform, and would play to the customers in the cafe.

He crafts beautiful guitar loops and plays flowing intricate melodies to them. This lifted the mood of the cafe and created an energy which is unable to be replicated by playing records like we usually do. His music reflected the feel of the cafe, playing more exciting stuff when busy and calmer when quiet. The music was never intrusive and we would always receive compliments about his playing when he came in.

I would recommend him to any venue that is looking for some live music to enhance the customers’ experience when they visit the venue. Alongside this he was always punctual and friendly.

Syd Kelly
The Bowery


All music is created on the spot
Have survived Busking this music throughout Europe
Can adjust the vibe of the music to the space and event



All improvised in an amalgamation of styles; African Jazz Blues Rock Funk etc.

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