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Mediaeval-Celtic Fusion

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Act Profile

Mediaeval-Celtic Fusion

Medieval-Celtic Fusion is one of the most appreciated Medieval and Celtic bands in the country with a wide range of different songs for every occasion. Atmospheric music during dining or at a drinks reception, music for
dancing, a Wedding ceremony music, or a full concert, Medieval-Celtic Fusion is the great choice to set up the proper Celtic or Medieval mood in any event.

Medieval-Celtic Fusion has a wealth of experience playing at many events throughout the country, prestigious World-Music venues, theatre projects and medieval taverns and festivities all over Europe. The band is renown for their musical skills, flexibility and high level of professionalism.

Some of the venues at which they have appeared include The Hootananny, The Spice of Life or The Dublin Castle, a multitude of gigs at The Jamboree, regular performances at some of the biggest Medieval taverns of Europe, such as the "Detenice" in the Czech Republic for over audiences of over 800 people, as well as performing regularly as part of the "Shakespearience" theatre project in London.

The Medieval-Celtic Fusion are:

Stepan Honc
Founding member of the band, born in the Czech Republic, Stepan graduated from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and graduated with honours at The Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in Classical guitar playing and history of music and in 2002, Stepan won the Guitarreando classical guitar competition. Since 2008 Stepan puts all his time and effort in the Medieval-Celtic Fusion project as the musical director and leading arranger of Early Music.

Pavlina Bastlova
Founding member and a lead composer of the band, born in the Czech Republic, Paja was considered to be child prodigy recorder player since she was 4 years old. She has won many recorder
competitions and graduated at the Academy of Music in Brno and the Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in wind instruments and history of music. Previously, Paja has played with many Early Music ensembles such as Barocco Siempre Giovanne and Gral, but since 2008 on concentrates on the Medieval-Celtic Fusion project.

William Connor
Percussionist of the band, Will recently completed his Ph.D. in Ethnomusocolgy from Royal Holloway University of London where he studied Medieval and Neo-Medievalist music. He has been a working musician in various genres since the mid-1980s, and draws from his experiences while living and performing in the Appalachian mountains, Hawai`i, Alaska, Tibet/China, and as part of multiple European, North American, and Asian tours and festivals to bring an added unique timbre element to the band. Will performs on an array of traditional and self-made percussion to the band, including Egyptian tabla, Iranain tonbak, Tlingit ixt frame drum, Middle Eastern tar, duf, nagara, and doumbek, as well as several Medieval percussion instruments.

Act Information


Trio = Recorders + Vocals; Percussion; Acoustic Guitar

Also included

We perform usually fully acoustic but for bigger place we have a small PA Roland Street, which doesn't disturb the medieval atmosphere too much.


South East based and will travel to these areas: South East, South West, Midlands, Wales.

Previous Clients

Holba Brewery
Hortus Gratia
Pern�tejn Castle
Vizmburk Castle
Veveri Castle
Svojanov Castle
Lichnice Castle
Kost Castle
Velke Mezirici Castle
Pardubice Chateaux
Kuneticka Hora Castle
Medieval Tavern �Detenice�
Medieval Tavern �Anno Domini�
Medieval Tavern �King of Brabantia�
Medieval Tavern of Brno
Medieval Tavern �Hladomorna�
Ravenscourt Baptist Church


I've never seen anything to match them. A fantastic sound.


�Medieval-Celtic Fusion quickly became an audience favourite and are to be congratulated on their musical skills, their ability to adapt quickly to the demands of different schools and their sheer professionalism."
- Darren Hirst, producer of the �Shakespearience�, London.

�The Medieval-Celtic Fusion has worked with Historicus for a couple of years now and have been hired by us for a dozens of various events in Austria, Poland and Germany. They gained a lot of fans in a short time and are always a highly demanded part of our medieval programs.�
- Vaclav Krpata, the Historicus Agency director, Pardubice


Full-time project of professional, graduated musicians.
4-year experience with medieval festivals, festivities and medieval taverns.
Suitable for any sort of Medieval or Celtic events, wedding days, banquettes or any related event.



Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alfonse X | 13th Century Spain)
Quena Festa
Santa Maria Strella do Dia
Quen Serve Santa maria
Quen a Omagen
Quen Quer Que
A Que Por...
Nouvel Amor (Rogeret de Cambrai | 14th Century Holland)
Douce Damme Jolie (Guillaume de Machaut | 14th Century France)
L'Homme Arme (Antoine Busnois | 15th Century France)
Tourdion (Anonym | 16th Century France)
Herr Mannelig (Swedish folk song)
Aillen Duinn (Anonym | 18th Century Ireland)
Stella Splendens (Libre Vermell | 13th Century)
The Willow Song (William Shakespeare | 17th Century)
If My Complaints (J. Dowland | 16th Century)
Now Winter Nights Enlarge (Thomas Campian | 17th Century)
The Fight Between the Soul and Body (Czech folksong)
Our Original Compositions :
Between the Shadows
Velt Leen
The Pilgrim

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