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Oasis Tribute

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Act Profile

Oasis Tribute

Formed in 2005, the guys have fast become one of the most sought after tribute acts in the UK. Travelling the length and breadth of not only the UK, but into parts of Europe as well, they have honed their set to a musical experience which is so tight and responsive that you'd be hard pushed to get the same atmosphere unless you were actually watching the real Oasis.

With the not only the sound, looks and attitude, they are now generally being hailed as "the" Oasis tribute band in the country. Such is the competition from other Oasis tributes out there, the boys had to set their stall out and give the public something different to what the other so called "best Oasis tribute bands in the UK" were offering. This is done by giving the public what the public want and playing all of their favourites. If the crowd yell for Wonderwall early on the set, they get it� If they want Slide away as the 2nd song - they get it� Its basically a set list which the audience pick on the night.

In addition to this the band offer something else which is also unique. The group is not just made up of young, part-time musicians, but instead is made up of some of the finest session players in the country.

Such is the case that Paul, who plays the bands Liam Gallagher, has surrounded himself with guys that have played at the very highest of levels. Below is a list of band members and artists they have played with.

Please note that such is the high profile of some of the musicians that when some of them are away on tour with major artistes, they have to be replaced with another session player of the same level.

The Band

Paul Higginson - Liam Gallagher
When in Character, Paul is often thought of as Liam Gallagher's double. Paul has worked with the BBC appearing and being interviewed on BBC2's The Culture Show and the whole band even performed live for them whilst being filmed.
Paul is also a very accomplished guitarist of 26 years and has played guitar for Chesney Hawkes, Jason Donovan, Kevin Simm (Liberty X) and Nik Kershaw and was recently asked to sing vocals on a new track by Chicane who had a number one hit with none other than Bryan Adams. More recently he even appeared on GMTV to talk about the latest Oasis album release, Dig out your soul.

Phil Chell/Steve Barnard - Noel Gallagher
Playing the brother of Liam is no easy task by anyone's standards but here we have either Phil or Steve who play the part very accurately indeed.
Phil was featured for a almost 2 weeks running on Radio 1's breakfast show with Chris Moyles beating off competition from another Oasis tribute band in a game which went out live to the whole nation. Phil is a huge Oasis fan and is not a member of any other Oasis tributes.
When Phil isn't around, Steve steps up to the mantle very well indeed.
In his time Steve has picked up lots of instruments and played them all to a very high standard. His main instrument however is the drums and he sometimes plays drums for Oasish instead of guitar. His drumming CV includes playing with Robbie Williams - he was actually Robbie's touring drummer when he first went solo, Joe Strummer (formerly of The Clash) - again the main touring drummer, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, The Mock Turtles, Chesney Hawkes, Archive, Lily Allen, Spear of Destiny, 4 Good Men plus lots more.

Tim Love/Jolyon Dixon - Gem Archer
On rhythm/lead guitar there is either Tim or Jolyon.
Taking on Oasis songs isn't easy at the best of times and with the standard of these two players, you couldn't really top either of them.
Tim spent 3 years studying for a music degree and playing guitar and even got to work with people like Chad Smith (Red hot chilli Peppers) and Yngwie Malmsteen during his time there.
On the other hand there is Jolyon.
Jolyon is one of the best-known session guitarists in the country and is currently the touring guitarist with Amy McDonald. He has also performed with Mark Owen, Chesney Hawkes, Scarlet and even lent his hand to the last album by The Who. In fact Jolyon is the only guitarist ever to appear on an album by The Who other than Pete Townshend.
He has worked alongside Pete in various projects in the past as well including touring America with Pete's partner, Rachel Fuller.

Jodie Hawkes/Steve Barnard - Chris Sharrock
Now whether its Chris Sharrock, Zak Starkey, Alan White or Tony McCarroll these guys have to copy, both of them do it with complete and utter ease.
Jodie, who is the younger brother of Chesney Hawkes, has played in bands since he was 11 years old and has in that time toured the world over playing with either his brother or other mainstream artistes. Jodie has played to a sold out Wembley Stadium - not something you can do everyday and has appeared on Top of the Pops more times than he can remember.
Besides his brother, he has shared the stage with the likes of Bryan Adams, Deacon Blue's Ricky Ross, Pete Townshend, The Tremoloes (his father "Chip" Hawkes is the lead singer of t

Act Information


Paul Higginson as Liam Gallagher
Phil Chell as Noel Gallagher
Tim Love as Gem Archer
Tom Swann as Andy Bell
Jodie Hawkes as Chris Sharrock

Extra Line-up(s)

Can also go out as either a "Liam and Noel" acoustic duo and also can have the full band alongwith an added 8 piece string section.

Also included

The P.A is an active Mackie rig boasting 3.5Khw of sound. The Mixing desk is also made by Mackie and is a 24 channel with on board effects. For other effects we use a 4 way gate system for the drums and compression for the vocals. We also have a 3 way monitor mix set-up (2 with in-ears).
For lights we have 8 x par 56's on stands and can provide more on request with advance notice.


South East based and will travel to these areas: South East, South West, Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

Previous Clients

P&O Cruises
Hilton Hotels
Chicago Rock Caf�s (across the whole country)
Jumpin Jaks
Yates� Wine Lodge
Derby Assembly Rooms
Radio 1&2
Virgin Radio
DFDS Cruises
Glastonbudget Festival
Plus many, many more.


" Glastonbudget, better than the real Oasis at Glastonbury!!!" - BBC2

"To see the boys in action live is as good as seeing the real Oasis, only better" - The Sunday Times

"The attention to detail this band have put in is quite incredible" - Sky News


A fully live 5 piece Oasis tribute with no backing tracks
All members have played or still play with recognised artistes
The look and sound of the band is the most authentic out of all the other Oasis tributes in the coun



Rock n roll star
Shock of the lightning
Roll with it
Some might say
Champagne supernova
The importance of being idle
Half the world away
The hindu times
Go let it out
She's electric
Dont look back in anger
Live forever
Cigarettes and alcohol
The who - My generation (Cover)
The Beatles - I am the walrus (Cover)
Whats the story morning glory
Talk tonight
The Masterplan
Stop crying your heart out
Slide away
Round our way
Let there be love

Extra Costs

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(If you require the act to perform longer than these times you may incur extra costs.)

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