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The Stones

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Act Profile

The Stones

The STONES are a band of gifted musicians who celebrate the music of the greatest rock and roll band of all time, the Rolling Stones. The show has the look, sound and feel of a Rolling Stones concert, with a front man who looks, sounds, feels and moves like Mick Jagger himself. They are currently performing to astonished theatre audiences with their "electrifying" show, getting them on their feet, dancing in the aisles and shouting for more.

The band have put this show together the hard way, in much the same way as the Rolling Stones themselves, by immersing themselves in the early R&B music, which influenced Mick and Keith and the boys, as well as the great songs from Jagger/Richards catalogue and performing around the country to wild audiences, clambering to see and using every available space to dance to this great music.

Managed and led by JBlack, who has toured extensively with Theatre tribute shows in the UK, they have developed an exciting theatre show, which has the look and feel of a Rolling Stones Concert. The repertoire for the show draws mainly from the songs of the 60's and 70's, but is centred around the late 60's to early 70's period. The band is a natural fit to the Rolling Stones line up of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Nicky Hopkins.

From the moment you take your seat the atmosphere is established by the background music of early R&B pioneers that inspired the Rolling Stones.
A sound montage of significant global events, across the decades the Rolling Stones have been performing, precedes the first chords of Brown Sugar and the show begins.
All the number one hits of the 60's are in the show, as are many of the live concert showstoppers, such as Jumpin' Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Woman, Sympathy for the Devil and many more.
If you like the Rolling Stones you will need to see and hear this band.

Who are these guys that dare call themselves the STONES?
Up front Ben has been born with the look and voice of Mick Jagger, but has worked hard to study and research, the moves, phrasing, and antics of the greatest showman of them all. He is from a village in Derbyshire called Eckington, which has a link to the Rolling Stones as Mick Jagger's grandmother was from Eckington and is buried there.
Ritchie has the role of Keith Richards, and is a unique 24year old, who lives in the 70's. He is no stranger to the music of the 60's either, as he has spent the last six years in a Beatles tribute band. As well as the 70's look he has honed the Keith Richards style of guitar playing and prefers the same blonde telecaster as used by the man himself.
Jason is a guitarist's guitarist, and has spent the last twenty years touring the world with Dave Berry and the Cruisers, featuring his country influenced rock and roll guitar. He seems to have moved effortlessly into the role of Mick Taylor, but has spent many long hours studying the work of all the guitarists that have been part of the Rolling Stones. Jason and Ritchie have worked together to recreate that interweaving two guitar sound that Keith Richards and Brian Jones put together in their early days at their flat in Edith Grove, influenced by the work of Jimmy Reed.
Steve is leading exponent of the electric bass guitar and has worked in several bands across the UK, but like all members of the STONES has now found home in the music of the Rolling Stones. He is student of the work of Bill Wyman, and of the early R&B players and has worked hard to recreate that feel and sound which along with the drums of Charlie Watts is the engine room of the band.
Wayne is the epitome of steady, and a perfect fit for the drumming role of Charlie Watts. No frills and not too many fills, just solid rhythm to drive the band alongside Steve on bass.
JBlack also performs with band providing keyboard support, providing orchestrations when needed and piano work, which is very much in the style of the great Nicky Hopkins, who featured on many classic albums from Between the Buttons onwards and on performed on stage with the Rolling Stones from 1968 to 1973.

The band was first put together by JBlack, as part of the first "Rolling Stones Festival" of 2007, in Eckington, Derbyshire.

Act Information


Ben Vocals/Harmonica (Mick Jagger)
Ritchie Guitar/Vocals (Keith Richards)
Jason Guitar/Vocals (Mick Taylor)
Steve Bass/Vocals (Bill Wyman)
Wayne Drums (Charlie Watts)
JBlack Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals

Extra Line-up(s)

As "Acoustic Stones" for small venues, promotional and radio work:
Ben - Vocals, Harmonica and precussion
Jason and JBlack Acoustic guitars, and Steve Bass.

As "Stoned Angels" for smaller venues doing some Chuck Berry covers as well as Rolling Stones material :

Ben Vocals/Harmonica
Jason Guitar/Vocals
Wayne Drums
JBlack Bass

Also included

JBL 2k rig (for smaller venues) - for Larger venues hire in a rig from Tickolyte (5k to 10k+)
Lights - two rows of high power cans.


North East based and will travel to these areas: South East, South West, Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland, Ireland.

Previous Clients

Railway Club Leeds
Birdwell Club Barnsley
Princess Theatre Torquay
Playhouse Theatre Harlow
Forum Theatre Billingham
Walkabout Barnsley
Opera House Buxton
Civic Theatre Doncaster
Bacon Theatre Cheltenham
Princess Theatre PROMO Hunstanton
Princess Theatre Hunstanton
Customs House South Shields
Civic Theatre Dublin
BRWCA Gosport
Arena Middlesbrough
Wedding Wimborne
Club Stoney Stanton
Malvern Theatres Malvern
Dartmouth Royal Regatta Rock Event Dartmouth
Pier Theatre, Bournemouth
Birdwell WMC, Barnsley
Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock
Playhouse Theatre, Whitley Bay
Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough
Embassy Theatre, Skegness
The Top Tier Grill / Soccer Village, Rochdale
Dosthill Cosmopolitan Club Tamworth
Towngate Theatre, Basildon
Pavillion Theatre, Rhyl
Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
Town Hall, High Wycombe
Flloyd's Hotel Ayr
Club2000, Bedford
Charlton Athletic Football Club Charlton
The Diamond, Sutton - in - Ashfield
The Tavern Wiga


Fantastic band i seen them in morecambe i could not get over the likeness to Mick the music was brilliant we realy enjoyed the night.


Fantastic. Simple as that.

-Ian Neal

Excellent in Northallerton. A brilliant night

Seen these at the zombie hut , Corby Northants I’m 2015, absolutely fantastic, I want to book them for my wedding

-Lucy Farmer

Love watching and listening to the stones. Absolutely brilliant.

-Michaela Mackenzie


-Peter Currall

Saw them on our last night of holiday in Croatia.Not planned but just heard about last minute.It made a great end to the week, brilliant performance, thanks!


Seen this act several times, a professional act every time. I have a personal interest in one of the group, Jason Anthony wood when he played with the Dave Berry cruisers, I employed dave and the band many times. Jason joined the stones when dave cut down his appearances. Always a pleasure to see him and the band. My regards graham Anthony laws. Retired nightclub promoter with Mecca and luminar night clubs.

-As above, G A LAWS.

Saw them in Wakefield- great night. Excellent playing and loved the links and jokes.

-Julie f

Princess Theatre Torquay � Sat. 13th March 2010
Stu Collyer storming show in TQ again fellas, we'll get you a better venue next time!! are you playing anywhere else in Devon or South West??
Maria Leggett

We went on Saturday night, saw the real thing at Knebworth many years ago.I thought they were fantastic even though the theatre was half empty, I def. will go see them again if I get chance. I was smack bang on the front row, could not believe how much `Mick` looked like Mick! some photos on my page .

Middlesbrough Theatre 11th March 2010
Michael Maca Mc Donald You guys were excellent tonight @ BORO great nights entertainment :) my old fella approved too and he`s a big stones fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Saturday 27th February � 50th Birthday Party at Forest Pines Hotel in Scunthorpe:

Yvonne Grant
Hi John,

I'd just like to say a great big 'thank you' for an absolutely brilliant night - it's true, you are better than the Rolling Stones! You made the night a night to remember and I've already recommended you to the Hotel as they put on Christmas tributes every year. Mind you, I bet you've bookings coming at you from all directions? If you haven't I don't know why.

Please say 'hello' to everyone for us and we're really looking forward to seeing you all again sometime - take care, carry on enjoying what you do because you sure do bring a lot of enjoyment to those around you.

Thanks again

Yvonne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Swansea Grand Theatre 24th February 2010

We sat in the car watching the old people go in to see the stones thinking what on earth are we doing here, even though we were 57 and 60 everyone else looked so old, in your head you never grow up. Even when you came on stage I though wow they are so young, of course I only saw the 2 of you at first. But I must say you did the stones proud, I enjoyed the music and the night very much. My husband and daughter are DJ's and our house is full of music. Even the grandkids love the stones, so keep on doing what you do best. thankyou for a great night.

saw these tonight in swansea .. awesome .. even tho the thearter was'nt full they gave it their all .. and very audience friendly, had us all up on our feet at the end ! can't wait to see them again.. seen the real thing twice and these are up there in sound and vocals.. � Johnny Diamond 25th February.

Jayne Jones Great gig at Swansea Grand! come back soon!

Lucy Mari-Anne Hi I saw you at the Swansea gig too and loved every moment of it! I especially enjoyed the bit where you came out to the audience. You really look like Mick!! Well done. Hope to see you soon xx

Lisa Allan Was at the Swansea gig last night. Blown away by how great you are. It's not just that you capture the sound of The Rolling Stones, to perfection, but encompass all their charisma as part of the show. Hope to see you again.

The Winding Wheel Chesterfield � February 20th 2010

Mike Franklin - Just to say thanks for a brilliant night at Chesterfield on 20th Feb. I\'ve seen the real Stones 4 times including 3 years ago at Don Valley Stadium and 2 - years ago at 02 London but this was incredible. We have recommended this band to all our friends and colleagues - it was also great to meet \"Mick and Keith\" after the show - all great musicians, they take this seriously , work hard to keep the sound and image and clearly enjoy working together. I\'ve seen the real Keith Richards sing \"Happy\" and \"The Stones Kieth\" was \"Spot-on\" .
Ben - a brilliant \"Mick Jagger\" and a great \"Natural\" front - man.
The whole band re-create the unique Rolling Stones sound to perfection.
Looking forward to seeing the guys again at \"The Diamond Club\" in August - please bring them back to Chesterfield . This is one of the best live concerts that I have ever seen.
Mike Franklin, Somercotes Derbyshire.

Emily Bircumshaw great gig at the winding wheel... thanks again :)

Review by Rick Bains, Agent with LMM as on his Blog posted on the evening of the performance by the STONES at Chesterfield�s Winding Wheel theatre.
�Mick Jagger Rocks Chesterfield!!
It was thirty years ago when a burglar stole my record collection and, although his actions in stealing some of my more embarrassing vinyl allowed me to get a year zero thing going off ,one of the albums I most missed was The Rolling Stones �Rolled Gold.�
Rolled Gold was a double vinyl album containing all the Stones greatest singles right the way through from Oh Carol and Little Red Rooster to Street Fighting Man and Jumpin Jack Flash.


The front man is a young natural Jagger, who look, sounds and moves like the man himself.
An exceptional band, of experienced musicians who have captured the � loose but tight� feel.
Highly professional and well organised outfit that will never let a client down.




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