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A guide to hiring a Ceilidh band

Ceilidh bands are a popular choice for weddings,parties and events throughout the UK offering a lively traditional flavour to a wedding reception or party. Although the ceilidh originated in Ireland and assumed massive popularity in Scotland there are many people with little or no connection to the Gaelic countries who hire a ceilidh band to liven up their party. This page is a helpful guide to hiring a Ceilidh band for your event.

What can I expect when hiring a Ceilidh band?

A ceilidh band can consist of various line ups with violins, accordions, bodrahn (a hand drum), tin whistle and flute. Many modern Ceilidh bands have drums and electric bass in the line up and guitars and/or keyboards all figuring in the mix to offer a more powerful dance floor sound. With a caller offering instructions to the guests on how to dance to the traditional reels and jigs a Ceilidh band can be fun entertainment for novices to folk dancing as well as to those who are familiar with Ceilidhs. Some Ceilidh bands offer a live pop music set so that the evenings entertainment will appeal to a wider audience. Others offer a disco for the same reason.

What are the origins of the Ceilidh?

Ceilidhs began in Ireland as a traditional way for young people in rural areas to meet partners. The ceilidh was originally just a name for a social gathering but its has become associated with a particular style of traditional folk music and as it spread into Scotland it developed with it certain styles of folk dance. To the expert English,Scottish and Irish ceilidhs have distinctive folk dance styles however most party Ceilidh bands play the most popular dances from all three disciplines. Some of the dances are couple dances consisting of sets of couples facing each other and following set dance patterns.Others involve dancing in a circle.

Why use LMM to hire your ceilidh band?

LMM are a well established entertainment agency with offices in London and the North Of England. We supply venues from Glasgow down to Devon and Cornwall with their live music entertainment and we are looked upon as the experts that party planners throughout the UK depend upon in order to hire the right Ceilidh band for their event. LMM are members of Agents Association and offer free advice and quotes plus a contract upon booking in order to secure the Ceilidh band you wish to hire.


Blag' s unique mix of celtic notes, south American bites and central European anarchic rhythms have been entertaining audiences in Britain and abroad for more than a decade. The trio's humorous style has made them a favourite for weddings, barn dances and parties. more info..

£500 to £795

The Craic Shots

Carmarthenshire-based lively act. If you like Traditional Irish Music you will love them. Set list includes Irish Songs, Ballads, Reels, Jigs, Polkas and Waltzes. Line-up is flexible from a duo (guitar/vocals, whistles/melodeons), Trio with percussion and four piece with fiddle. more info..

£1000 - £1395

T'Owd Lads

Classically trained professional musicians playing traditional folk music in concert and for formal ceilidhs or informal barn dances. more info..

£500 to £795

Cookin' Country Band

Bedfordshire-based New Country, Country Rock and Hoedown & Linedance group! more info..

£800 to £995