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Wedding Choirs

It could be argued that no other instument carries the emotional weight of the human voice. A choir of voices working in unison and harmony can often be one of the most uplifting and beautiful sounds known to man. Choirs can range from small ensembles through to large units. The largest choir that Live Music Management have booked on an event was thirty strong and the smallest was just two people singing classical pieces in harmony. All choirs are different and Live Music Management have gospel choirs, classical choirs, choirs who specialise in Glee style musical numbers, choirs of barbershop style harmonisers and choirs of pop singers. The choice is yours!

Gospel Choirs For Weddings

Live Music Management have gospel choirs available for weddings and events.Our gospel choirs will often feature music by soul artists like Stevie Wonder, Luthor Vandross and Aretha Franklin alongside gospel favourites like "Oh Happy Day" and "Aquarius." Gospel choirs for weddings can be hired in various line ups from small groups up to large choirs of thirty or more.

Glee Style Choirs For Weddings

Glee style choirs for weddings and events are available form Live Music Management with reportoires which cover pop and musical style songs. Many of our choir members have a background of appearing in the West End and other musical shows and our Glee choirs will cover pop songs and swing music standards as well as songs made popular by musical theatre. They can often be hired to perform in costume and can also be made available as pop up musicians or singing waiters at your wedding or event surprising your guests with an impromptu set of songs whilst disguised as guests or waiters.

Classical Choirs For Weddings And Events

Classical choirs cover the great choral music reportoire by classical composers like Vaughn Williams, Bach , Handel, Mozart, Brahms and Monteverdi. Live Music Management classical choirs are available in various sizes and types of line ups. We recently supplied a male choir for a wedding in Wales whilst our girls choir of young teenage girls have been a popular choice for retail venues and shopping malls. We also have mixed choirs. Of course classical choirs are available for Christmas events Christmas reportoire.

The Blossom Street Singers

The Blossom Street Singers is a fun dynamic vocal ensemble comprising of young professional singers performing all the classics. more info..

£500 to £795

Golden Gospel

London-based inspiring to watch act with energetic and creative performances. With a repertoire spanning classic and contemporary gospel tunes, to bespoke versions of pop songs and old hymns, these outstanding singers truly bring the joy of gospel music wherever they go. more info..

£1000 - £1395