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Band Or DJ ? What Is Best For Weddings? The Case For Booking A DJ

Most weddings will include some form of entertainment but many Brides and Grooms struggle to decide between a DJ or a band. Here at Live Music Management we have both on our roster and this page is impartial guide as to which is best.

The first point to make about DJs is that they are generally lower cost than a band.

DJs can supply continuous music for a longer period.

DJs will carry several thousand songs whereas even the most experienced band will rarely know more than one hundred and fifty songs so DJs are, generally , more able to respond to requests.

DJs will , very often , carry more dance floor lighting than a band.

DJs will , usually , take up less space than a three , four or five piece band.

DJs will , generally , be more suited to playing house music style dance music than a guitar band (there are some exceptions to this with a few bands that specialise in playing exactly this kind of music.)

DJs will be more able to control the volume of their performance than a band. This is key point if there are strict rules about the volume at a wedding venue.

Band Or DJ? The Case For Booking A Band.

There is something special about live music. If you book a great live band it will have a solid impact on the evening.

A band is something to watch as well as dance to.

A band can provide DJ music over their PA in their breaks so although they may only play 2 x 60 min live sets (or 3 x 40 mins) they will provide continuous music for the whole evening.

A good band will be experts at involving an audience and getting people dancing , singing along and joining in. At Live Music Management we have hundreds of testimonials from clients who have said that the band literally made the party and was the key element in creating a good atmosphere at the reception.

In our opinion whether choosing a band or a DJ please make sure you thoroughly vet them and book the best act that you can afford. There is nothing that will kill your party quicker than a bad band or a terrible DJ.

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