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Should We Choose Our Wedding Band's Playlist?

When booking a band or DJ to play at a wedding there is a temptation for some clients to try and micro manage all aspects of the acts performance down to choosing the play list for the evening. It's a natural thing to do as the clients wants everything to be perfect and , after all , is paying the act to play.

In our experience , in order to get the best performance from the act, it is best to earmark songs that you definitely want to hear and any that you particularly don't want to hear and then leave the act to put together a play list.

A quality band will know which songs work best and which songs flow naturally into each other. The band will be experts at putting sets together. They may also require some flexibility to swap and change things on the night if there are requests or if they feel an audience isn't responding well to a section of the set.

Wedding Band Playlists

Most experienced, quality bands will have between fifty and one hundred and fifty songs in their play list. It is usual that there will be around twenty songs in a sixty minute set (obviously dependant upon the length of the songs etc.)

It doesn't necessarily hold that the band with the largest play list will be the best band for your party. There are some acts on our books that are exceptional and always in demand and yet they have limited play lists. This is sometimes because they have found the formula to what works and they stick to it. In at least one case it is because their set involves a number of complicated mash ups and medleys which are guaranteed crowd pleasers and they have settled on these anthems as opposed to learning more songs which they may rarely play.

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