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How Long Will A Wedding Or Function Band Play For?

Booking a function or wedding band will be a one off experience for most people. One of the most basic questions asked by private clients is how long will a function band play for at a wedding or party?

Most wedding or function bands represented by Live Music Management will be contracted to play for either 3 x 40 minute sets or 2 x 60 min live sets. In addition to this they will offer a free DJ service and provide recorded music over their PA system in the breaks between their live sets.

The exception to the above will be tribute acts or specially themed bands. Many of these acts will play for a maximum of 2 x 45 minutes or offer a 60 minute live set. In the case of tribute acts this is usually because the act that they cover has a limited number of greatest hits. For instance there are a fantastic 2 x 45 sets of Queen or Abba songs known to everybody but some other bands have no more than 60 minutes of well known material.

Again themed acts are often limited by the style of music they play and will often perform for 2 x 45 minutes rather than 2 x 60 minutes. You will occasionally find that a solo act offers 2 x 45 minutes if their set is high energy.

Will A Wedding Band Play Longer Than Two Hours?

Jazz or swing based wedding bands can sometimes play for longer than two hours and bands with large line ups and multiple singers will sometimes offer additional sets.

Any client booking a band for a private party or wedding should however consider whether or not it is necessary to have the band playing for more than two hours. If the wedding party is going to be a 7pm start and a midnight finish , as many are , then once you factor in a break for food and give people the chance to speak to family and friends before the party gets into the swing of things then you will maybe find that two one hour sets are ample to give your guests a great evenings entertainment.

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