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What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Wedding Band?

Bands set their own fees based on their popularity and , of course , what they think they are worth. A wedding band agency like Live Music Management will advise and help them set a fee which offers value for money for the client.

There are many factors which contribute towards the cost of hiring a wedding band. The bands popularity , the location of the wedding , the arrival and finish time ,how many members are in the band ,even the time of year may all need to be taken into consideration before a definite price is quoted.

Live Music Management have live duos from as little as £350 and bands ranging in price from around £600 to £2000 plus. The majority of our wedding band bookings will be between £800 and £1200. All of these acts offer a free DJ/interval music service and so will save on the cost of hiring a DJ separately.

Why Do Some Bands Cost Less Than Others?

Even amongst professional bands there will be a difference in price between different bands quoting for the same function. Some of the reasons for this are mentioned above. There are also bands that play for fun who may quote very low prices for weddings and parties but you might want to question whether you would want to leave an important part of your wedding night in the hands of an amateur. Professional bands will bring with them expensive , top of the range , equipment. They will carry the correct public liability insurance and PAT certificates demanded of most wedding venues. They will have had years of experience playing similar events and perform to a high standard. They are less likely to cancel as their livelihood and reputation are at stake (for this reason many professional bands have dep players in case a musician is sick on your wedding day.) They will treat every performance as an important show and be a professional on stage and off. They will be contracted by Live Music Management in a binding contract which secures the booking.

One of the biggest reasons for Live Music Management to get last minute calls from Brides and Grooms looking for a band for their wedding is because they have been let down by a band they had booked after seeing them in a local venue or being recommended by a friend. By all means ask around for deals but be sure to book a professional band for your event.

This piece on how much does it cost to hire a wedding band? was written by Rick, one of the entertainment agents at Live Music Management who have been supplying bands to weddings for over seventeen years.

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