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Looking For Something Different For Your Event Or Wedding?

If you are looking for something different for your wedding or event then this page should give you some help as we outline our top ten entertainment idea's. Live Music management are specialists in creating bespoke entertainment for events so if you have an idea which you need help to realise then please give our events team a call for free and helpful advise.
If you are looking for some inspiration then we hope the entertainment ideas below get the creative juices flowing. Live Music Management's mission statement is that we help create fantastic memories. If you pick one of the following entertainment idea's for your party then you can be sure that your guests will be suitably impressed!

The Top Ten Entertainment Ideas For Events And Weddings

9 Foot LED Robots. Our giant robots will impress adults and children alike and are perfect to interact with guests ,meet and greet, serve drinks or liven up the dance floor. An instant selfie opportunity.

Beat Boxers. Live Music Management boast some of the UKs top Beatboxers as part of our roster (including the worlds top female beatboxer.) Perfect for funky weddings and parties.

Have you ever thought that your party band might not be tall enough? Live Music Management have bands that perform on stilts. This band is sure to stand out from the crowd!

Superstar DJ offers your guests the unique opportunity to DJ alongside a professional DJ for a ten minute takeover where they can play their number one tunes.

Live Music Management is the home of Live Band Karaoke and our Rockaoke and Bandeoke bands are the best in the business. Book the bands featured on Rock N Roll Brides and on TV's Tell The Bride.

Pop Up Musicians will wow your guests with impromptu sets. After masquerading as waiters or wedding guests the Pop Up Musicians spontaneously burst into song and offer a cabaret that will never be forgotten.

Busking Bands. Wandering musicians at a Summer wedding will walk around the tables entertaining your guests with personal performances that will delight young and old.

Beat The Band. A live and interactive pop music quiz featuring a band of brilliant musicians who will entertain with various quiz rounds followed by a party set. For fans of Nevermind The Buzzcocks!

Pop Bingo. Our DJ will entertain your guests with this riotous mix of a pub quiz , bingo and a school disco. Pop Bingo’s rules are simple. Every guest has a card with six unique song titles. The first guest to recognise their six songs played by the DJ wins a prize .

Fire breathers and stilt walkers are a great way to greet your guests. Later they can mingle and dance on the dance floor creating a brilliant photo opportunity.

The Blue Boy Band. Book a band to perform in blue morph costumes. The band will definitely have an impact at your wedding or event.

For more ideas like these please call the Live Music Management office on 08454 900515

Looking for More Inspiration For Your Party?