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What Is Bandeoke ?

Bandeoke (also known as Rockaoke) is karaoke featuring a live band. In the late 1990's there were a number of acts in the USA offering live karaoke services and the names Punk Rock Karaoke and Rockaoke were used for nights running in America.

Live Music Management created the first fully live Bandeoke bands in the UK back in the early 2000′s. The line up for Bandeoke bands tends to be drums, guitar and bass there is always at least one member of the band able to sing lead vocals. Backing vocals are usually provided by all members of the band.

On occasion Rockaoke bands will be joined by keyboard p[layers, horn sections or MC’s. Often the MC will also be a lead singer.

What Makes A Good Bandeoke AKA Rockaoke Band?

1.They must be great musicians able to play a number of styles.

2. Live karaoke bands need an extensive set list.

3. Bandeoke bands are supportive of their guest singers ensuring that the guest singer really gets a thrill from singing with the band. Often the band will pitch in with backing vocals or help out of the singer loses their way in a song.

4. The band will encourage singers to the stage often approaching people with song lists before show time.

5. Many Live Music Management Bandeoke bands have the lyrics on TV screens to be followed by singers on stage. If not they will be available on song sheets.

Bandeoke Bands are a big hit at events , festivals , weddings , parties and night club events.

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