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What Are The Best Wedding Entertainment Idea's?

Most people will expect there to be some form of entertainment at a wedding and a whole industry has grown around providing function bands and DJs for weddings but what are the best wedding entertainment idea's?

Live music is always a winner at a wedding. A great live band will help to create a fantastic atmosphere and Live Music Management have hundreds of testimonials from clients saying that the live music at their wedding was the most commented upon part of the evening party. A number of them say "the wedding band made my wedding party."

The limits to booking a live band are that the band will only be able to play a finite number of songs (even the best bands rarely know more than one hundred and fifty songs) and could be limited to playing in a certain style (ie jazz or rock or soul.) They will almost certainly cost more than booking a DJ.

Advantages to booking a band are that the band will be a great focal point for the evening. A good band will work the crowd and create a brilliant atmosphere.

A good, quality DJ will play music which will appeal to all the guests at a wedding. They will be able to "read the crowd" and change the music in order to keep the maximum people dancing. They will act as a host and MC for the evening and be able to take requests.

The disadvantages to booking a DJ are that they lack a visual focus and somehow don't seem to have the special ingredient that a band will bring. Less entertainment value for the non dancers!

The advantages are infinite playlist (most DJs will carry several thousand songs) so more able to cope with requests. Usually carry better dance floor lighting than a band. Lower cost than a band.

Some Unusual Wedding Entertainment Idea's

Live Band Karaoke (also known as Rockaoke or Bandeoke) has been a big hit at weddings over the past few years and offers your guests the unique opportunity to sing on stage with a live band.

Stilt Walkers and fire breathers add atmosphere to a wedding and will entertain young and old alike.

Beat The Band is an interactive quiz featuring a live band that can help break the ice at a wedding party.

Superstar DJ offers your guests the chance to DJ at the wedding party under the tutelage of one of our professional DJ's.

Check Out These Wedding Entertainment Idea's