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What Time Should A Band Arrive And Set Up At A Wedding?

One question which is regularly asked of the Live Music Management team is "what is the best time for the wedding band to arrive and set up at my wedding?" The arrangements for every wedding are slightly different but as a general rule we advise that the band arrive as close to the playing time as possible.

Most bands will expect to arrive sometime around 6pm and to be on site until about midnight. Usually an early arrival at a wedding will mean paying the band extra. The fee will differ from act to act and will also depend on the venues location. Early arrival may also mean feeding the band and , of course , they will need somewhere to sit in comfort away from the guests and the general party.

One reason we try and avoid early set ups is that an afternoon arrival can mean that the band have been on site for several hours before they get to play a note of music.

What Is The Typical Arrival Time For A Band?

There will be a time after the dinner (after the speeches), when there is a natural lull in proceedings, when everyone starts milling around, talking to people that were at different tables, going to the loo, going to freshen up, going for walk to stretch their legs. This is also the time when the tables are often cleared. It is the typical time for the band to set up.

Bands usually need around 60 minutes to load in and set up. Most acts take around ten to fifteen minutes to sound check during which time they will probably need to make some noise. Some acts need longer and it is worth checking upon booking if this is the case with the act that you are interested in.

Of course not all weddings are the same and early arrival can be arranged if needed. There are also acts that offer the use of their PA earlier in the day or can even play a laid back acoustic or jazz set during a drinks reception or over dinner. If this is required please let us know upon enquiry and we will quote for the full day.

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