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Why Use Live Music Management Agency For Your Wedding Entertainment Needs?

A reputable talent agency will offer a quality control service.

The majority of private clients, such a Bride and Groom , will book entertainment once in a lifetime. Event companies and private companies may only book entertainment occasionally. An entertainment agency like Live Music Management will book hundreds of acts every single week . Live Music Management hold detailed records of previous performances , ratings and reviews for hundreds of party bands and DJ's.

There are hundreds, if not thousands , of acts offering their services as wedding entertainment. A reputable agency can tell you which of these best suits your needs. Live Music Management have vetted many acts to find the most professional bands and DJ's in the UK. Live Music Management have rejected many acts in the past who do not live up to our standards of professionalism and conduct.

Live Music Management maintain a great many long term clients and our company philosophy is always to exceed expectations. We expect high standards of our acts. They are our ambassadors and we rely on them giving great performances in order for us to prosper and grow.

A wedding entertainment agency like Live Music Management has a great deal of buying power and is able to pass on some of these discounts to our clients.

Further Benefits Of Using An Agency For Your Wedding Entertainment

As one of the largest agencies in the UK Live Music Management offer 24 hour emergency cover in the unlikely event of there being issues on the day of the event.

In the event of a problem LMM are best placed to offer you alternative wedding entertainment.

As decreed by the law governing employment agencies all deposits are held in a client account until after the date of the event

Bookings are contracted by Agents Association contract and we have a rigorous system of confirmations in place etc

Why use an entertainment agency for your wedding entertainment?

Your wedding day will only happen once and you can relax knowing that you are dealing with a company chosen by industry professionals for their entertainment bookings.

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