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Will The Wedding Band Play Our First Dance?

Many clients who book a live band for their wedding will wonder if the band will play their first dance live on the big day. If you have a particular first dance request in mind then please let one of the Live Music Management agents know of this at the time of enquiry. They will often be able to get a firm answer from the act before contracting and will be able to put the first dance request in the paperwork for the booking.
In 90% of cases the band will be fine to learn the first dance but on occasion a song may be chosen which doesn't suit the bands style or which simply doesn't work when rehearsed. In this case the band will be very pleased to introduce the first dance and play the original recording over their PA system.

Will The Wedding Band Charge For Learning A First Dance Request?

If you look online at other agents or wedding band websites you will find a significant number of them charge for learning a first dance if the song is not already in the acts repertoire. The vast majority of Live Music Management acts will not charge for learning a new song unless a substantial amount of rehearsal is required.
As mentioned it is always best to check prior to confirming a booking but Live Music Management and our team of quality acts are in the business of making your big day the best that it can be and will generally be happy to learn a first dance free of charge.
If you are unsure which first dance song to choose many Live Music Management bands have a list of songs they have played previously at weddings and one of these might provide inspiration for this special part of your evening.

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