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Pop Up Music

Pop Up Music is Live Music Management's response to the singing waiters phenomenon that has been popular corporate and wedding entertainment for the past ten years. Pop Up Music offers the opportunity for maximum surprise and entertainment value by offering top quality musicians who will be disguised as waiters , staff or guests at your event and then produce instruments to astonish and delight your party. The response to our Pop Up Musicians has been off the chart with event managers and wedding planners reporting fantastic results for this great piece of party entertainment.

How Does Pop Up Music Work?

Live Music Management will look at a number of criteria and work with the client to arrange the right Pop Up Music for each event. Every event is different and each time we send Pop Up Musicians out on a job we have a number of factors to consider. We will consider the style of the event and the demographic in order to ensure the music fits with the clientele. There may be certain requested songs for a brand awareness event or conference. If the event is a wedding then we can offer a bespoke playlist to fit with your music requests. The layout of the venue will be considered in order to maximise the impact of the Pop Up Musicians when they begin playing. After the initial reveal which is often a dramatic piece of music with musicians appearing one by one the act then usually perform a short set either in the audience or on a stage area.

How Many Pop Up Musicians Are Required?

The beauty of Pop Up Music from Live Music Management is that every event is bespoke and the number of Pop Up Musicians can be tweaked according to budget or size of event. At smaller events it may be appropriate to use one or two musicians. They can still have a sizeable impact on your party with the right care and attention going into the reveal and the set. At larger events the sky is the limit as to how many musicians can be used. A large corporate brand event recently was interested in several dozen drummers for an outdoor event. Live Music Management can supply any number of Pop Up Musicians.

What Instruments Are Used By Pop Up Musicians?

Pop Up Musicians can be supplied with varying line ups. A popular choice is an acoustic guitar player along with a sax player. Often the guitar player will also be a singer. When adding musicians to the line up we will consider the opportunities to layer the surprise. For instance a waiter/ sax player might make themselves noticed by standing on a table and playing a sax solo. He may then be joined by a guitar player who walks in through a side entrance. A percussion player dressed as a chef then walks out of the kitchen with pots and pans to use as drums. Finally a double bass player steps from behind an alcove! Each one has added to the music and they all then play a short set together.

Pop Up Musicians

From rock to jazz, classical to soul our Pop Up Musicians will surprise and delight the guests at your wedding , party or event. more info..

Up to £495

Big Button Boys

West Yorkshire-based act that transform your favourite pop and rock hits into wild and riotous 1920s jazz rave! What? Preposterous!! I don't believe you. The stuff of fiction... more info..

£1000 - £1395

One Night Standeoke

London-based one of Britain's first and most experienced Bandaoke acts with over 500 shows behind them. Lyrics appear onscreen via a fully featured tele-prompt system. more info..

£800 to £995

The Intrepid Funksters

London-based groovy & entertaining jazz-funk quintet with a wide repertoire. Perfect for any situation whether relaxed dining or a busy dancefloor. Can work as a quartet or quintet as required. more info..

£500 to £795


Surrey-based three-piece function band guaranteed to liven-up any event. With such great talent and a vast repertoire of modern songs and classic hits, Shakeout take pride in giving the highest quality act for any style of event. Listen to the recordings for proof!! more info..

£800 to £995

All About The Bongos

Surrey-based Acoustic duo/trio playing covers from 50's to present day. Their unique live sound incorporates strong vocal harmony, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bongos/percussion and bass. more info..

£500 to £795

Alex Kennedy - Guitar and Voice

Surrey-based Alex is an extremely skilled guitarist and singer who is able to cater for any event. Much more than your average guitarist/singer, he is also a Classical guitarist with a vast repertoire, able to suit your individual needs. more info..

Up to £495